Medical Molding

RJG’s injection molding process optimization technology and services are a recognized benchmark in the medical molding industry. From consultative training to a diverse line of instrumentation, software, and sensors, we partner with medical molders across the globe by helping to improve part quality and processes.

Our team of experts ensures that validated molding processes are transferable into production with documented equivalent results. The focus is to replicate a consistent end result using Machine Independent Variables™ (MIV) and verification of what was happening in the cavity using technology instead of machine settings for a defined, robust “part process”.

“ … Verify with Technology”

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“Part Process” Transferability Using a Machine Independent Variable (MIV) Methodology for Multiple Machines


In the medical device molding industry, manufacturing plastic parts in multiple machines requires expensive and time-consuming validations for each injection molding machine (IMM). Here we employ a Machine Independent Variable (MIV) method to effectively and efficiently transfer a validated “part process” across four distinctly different IMMs. Critical to Quality (CTQ) results for each transfer were required to meet Ppk targets to match the CTQs of the initial validation. Our results show the MIV transfer method, verified with eDART® technology, can be used to replicate plastic parts in different IMMs with negligible part variation (dimensional results), using selected capable machines. The data-driven results provided by this lean systematic method are more robust, faster to obtain, and more cost effective than the traditional single machine approach.

Components of a Successful “Part Process” Validation